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EEZY™ - The Original Fabric Comb

EEZY™ Eco Pack


The perfect pack that includes the famous Eezy™ Fabric Comb and a specially designed storage bag that will keep you investment safe & sound.

Get the famous EEZY™ Comb Pack that includes:

1 x EEZY™ Fabric Comb

1 x EEZY™ Storage Bag

How & Where to Use instructions are printed on the back so you'll always be able to refer back to them, and  won't need to throw away the traditional packaging that it comes sealed in.  Double bonus.

EEZY™ Comb- A Household Essential

Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre

The ergonomically designed moulded handle makes the Eezy TM Fabric Comb easy to hold while you comb your delicate knits, means you'll clean those babies up in no time.

Specially crafted brass teeth - won't hurt your knits

Brass teeth gently collect pet hair, fuzz balls, dust, and lint from your knits or soft furniture.  Recognised as a tough, but gentle, metal the brass teeth will never harm your delicate knits like cashmere, and fine woollens. Still made on the original machinery in Melbourne today.

Accidents happen...don't worry, it won't break

The properties of hard plastic means it won't split, break, or shatter if accidentally dropped on concrete or a tiled floor.  This superior quality means that you never have to replace it.

A trusted brand since 1980

Still made on the original machinery, in Melbourne, Australia. Millions have been sold worldwide in 9 different countries. In fact, we'll guarantee our EEZY™ Combs for life.

Anywhere, anytime.

Small enough fit in your jeans in case of emergencies. Empower yourself to take control of your grooming.



* COMB Measures: 7.5cm W x 4cm H x 0.75cm D

* To use simply comb firmly in one direction

* Ideal for detailed areas like cuffs, waistbands, and side seams

* Not recommended for coarse, knotty fabrics

* Best used in conjunction with the Super Eezy Fabric Comb for larger knit areas and/or soft furniture

* Designed, Made, & Owned in Australia. Family owned.


BAG Measures10.5cms High x 9cms Wide

Keep your Eezy™ Comb safe & sound, and always know where to find it.

Hang it in your wardrobe, or your laundry, or in the car.

Made with sturdy 100% Cotton, it will last as long as your Eezy™ Comb does!

Buy it with an Eezy Comb, and it will be naked - packaging-free.

* Do not iron over print