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The Original Fabric Comb - It's EEZY!™


Jo Murphy Rex McCleod Owner EFC Manufacturing Co Eezy Comb Original Fabric Comb

Picture of Rex, the former owner of EFC Manufacturing Co for last 40 years. With me, Jo Murphy, new owner, and hopefully, owner for NEXT 40 years!

In 1970, a Sydney inventor came up with an idea to solve one of life's little problems - balls of wool on his wife's worn knitted sweaters. This saved her hours of picking each one off by hand.

Turns out lots of other people had the same problem and it sold millions in lots of countries around the world.  The unique design with specialised materials doesn't harm the yarn, as it's combed over the knit, which makes it so unique. 

Over the years, lots of people have tried to copy the comb, (even the colour) but none comes close to matching the quality of The Original Fabric Comb, known also as the EEZY Fabric Comb. Beware of cheap imitations. 

At the time of meeting Rex, he also showed me a larger, wooden-handled comb that had been designed at the same time as the smaller Eezy Comb, and had been sold only to the dry cleaning industry.  I thought it was just a fantastic tool that should be shared with households, as it has so many uses.  

Both Eezy Combs are still made on the original machinery today.

I discovered this product in a Laura Ashley store about 15 years ago, and was so excited I bought one for everyone I knew. I couldn't believe that such a simple, inexpensive little tool could transform my cherished knits from old to new again!

I still have those combs today. 

By chance, I met Rex, an 84 year old businessman, he mentioned that he wanted to sell the business. 

It was perfect timing for me.

In 2017, my mother and I were diagnosed with cancer, within the same month.

It was a scary and confusing time for all of us, not knowing what the future held, and I needed flexibility, so I resigned from my dream fashion job. 

I believe in fate, so when I met Rex, it was meant to be, well, once I got a gentle push from my husband - "you should buy it", he said.  I didn't even know how much businesses cost, but he pushed me to ask, and off we went.

Buying the business has allowed me to own a product that I am passionate about, and believe in wholeheartedly.

Being a manufacturing business, the sale included the original machinery, and tooling, that was held in different businesses in Melbourne.  It wasn't large enough to house everything under one roof, and it still works this way.  There's no assembly line of people churning out Eezy Combs.  Different parts are produced at different times, by small companies, and then they're combined by hand, by small operators dotted around suburban Melbourne.

I spent my childhood on a remote Victorian farm that grew wheat and sheep, so I'm no stranger to the machinations of running your own business, and producing products - even if it might be from a sheep's back!

Because of this, I have a great love and appreciation of natural fibres, particularly wool, having seen it grown, shorn, processed into the beautiful knitwear we all love.  I'm passionate about extending the life of woollen knitwear, to keep wearing it again and again.   

I'd love more people to know that there's a really simple solution to their problem. 

My mission is to let as many people know about this fantastic little product that will transform their knits, and there's no need to throw them out. 

With a fashion background, I know first-hand it's an unsustainable model for our future.  If we can provide the community with a simple tool that can reinvigorate their knits and furniture, we can keep loving them a bit longer.

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I'd love to hear any comments that you may have using the fabulous Eezy Combs, and a short video would be unbelievably appreciated! Use #eezycomb or #supereezycomb and tag us at @theoriginalfabriccomb on Instagram 🙏