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EEZY™ - The Original Fabric Comb

EEZY™ Eco Bag - Small


A great way to store your fabulous Eezy Fabric Comb™, in a specially-designed drawstring bag.

How & Where to Use instructions are printed on the back so you'll always be able to refer back to them, and  won't need to throw away the traditional packaging that it comes sealed in.  Double bonus.

Made in a hardy, 100% Cotton calico, it will last as long as your Eezy Comb™!

Having a safe place to keep your Eezy Comb™ will keep its brass teeth away from other tools that may damage its effectiveness in removing fuzz balls. 

Hang it in your laundry, or in your wardrobe, so it's always handy!

Buy it with an Eezy Comb, and it will be naked - packaging-free.

* Bag Measures: 10.5cms High x 9cms Wide

* Do not iron over print

(Eezy Comb shown not included)