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The Original Fabric Comb - It's EEZY!™

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Comb firmly in one direction.  The comb needs to be held at a slight angle, much like using a pen.

Keep combing and cleaning off the gathered fluff on the teeth, so it's easily able to keep working.


How many combs do you offer?

2 fabric combs.  One is the little blue handle one, and the other is the wooden handle comb that is twice the width of comb than the little one.

We hope to add more in the future.


Will it damage my knits?

The specially designed brass won't damage or tear the yarn if used as per instructions. The Eezy Comb is great for delicate yarns and fine knits such as cashmere, felt hats, beanies, gloves, and suede nap. 

Use the Super Eezy Comb for larger, chunkier knits, carpets, blankets, and cleaning animal hair from fabric furniture, such as couches, chairs, and upholstered bedheads.


What else can I use it on?

It can be used on wool and knits; cashmere; polar fleece; cotton & polyester knit blends; felt hats, knit beanies, gloves, and scarves; furnishing fabrics; felt; carpets; blankets.

It also brings back the nap of suede.


Will the comb break?

In the 40+ years the combs have been made, there has been less than 0.01% of returns due to breakage.  That's why we're happy to give a Lifetime Warranty for both of the combs, as we know they work, and won't let you down. Even better...you never have to buy batteries again, find lost cords, or have blunt blades!

Sometimes the old-fashioned way is the best.


Where's it made?

It's made in Melbourne, Australia.  It takes quite a few people to take care, and put these beauties together.  Know that you're supporting an original Australian invention, and lots of small businesses, so you can trust the process.  It hasn't changed in many, many years, and there's never been any customer problems.

Still being made on the original machinery!


Why do you use a moulded plastic handle on the little comb, and not a wooden handle?

The hard plastic has been chosen as it the strongest, yet most durable product in the market.  It allows the special brass unit to stay locked in tight, once it's put into place.  It will never break if you happen to drop it onto a tile or cement floor. 

The wooden handle looks pretty, but can't be guaranteed for quality.


How is the Super Eezy Fabric Comb different to the Eezy Comb?

This comb is twice the size of the little blue comb, and as such can handle larger, chunkier knits.  Also can be used around the home on furnishings to remove pet hair, and lint. 

Great for de-pilling your couch to look new again.

The Super Eezy Comb has been sold exclusively to the dry cleaning industry, to horse owners to clean their horse blankets, and the general pet trade.  

We believe that these are the most effective fabric combs in the world, so good, you can hand them down to your grandkids.