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EEZY™ - The Original Fabric Comb

Super EEZY™ Fabric Comb - 3pack - FREE SHIPPING

$105.00 $147.00



3 x Super Eezy Fabric Combs

* Teeth are twice as wide as the little blue Eezy Comb. Makes things twice as quick to clean up!

* Best for getting rid of pet hair from couches, and is great for chunky knits.

* Gets rid of pilling, fuzz balls, dust, and lint from most soft furniture and rugs.

* Gets rid of pet hair, fuzz balls/pilling, dust, and lint, from:

- Cloth couches and chairs, and ottomans

- Blankets

- Rugs and Carpets

- Cushions

- Upholstered Bedheads

* Ergonomically Designed Handle made from Australian pine wood.

* Unique angled head, designed to make combing easier in the hand

* Designed in 1970, in Sydney, Australia

* Still made on the original machinery today in Melbourne, Australia

* Hand-Assembled by an ex-engineer, with integrity and pride. No two combs are the same, all unique and special, not made by a machine.

* Steel arms, Nickel-plated so it will never rust.

Lifetime Guarantee as we stand behind the quality and longevity of our product. 

Buy once, buy for life, no batteries required.

* Use the smaller Eezy Comb in conjunction with the Super Eezy Comb.

* Use the smaller Eezy Comb on areas on knits, such as seams, cuffs, or detailed areas. Also great for detailed areas on soft furniture like upholstered bedheads.

To Use: Comb firmly in one direction

Measures: 145mm Wide x 180mm High x 35mm at widest part of handle.


* The SUPER EEZY™ Comb work their best magic on plush fabric like velvet, or natural fibres like Cotton, Wool, and Linens.

For all other fabrics, especially with a lot of Polyester or Acrylic, or extra textured, loosely woven fabric, test first on an inconspicuous area first to test if it's suitable for your fabric type.