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EEZY™ - The Original Fabric Comb

EEZY™ Starter Pack No.1 - FREE SHIPPING



Get Starter Pack (as below) BUT it comes with a Specially-Designed EEZY™ Storage Bag including inside pocket especially for the EEZY™ Fabric Comb.

Combs come naked. (No cardboard packaging)

Includes: 1 x EEZY™ Comb + 1 x Super EEZY™ Comb + Designer Bag + Free Shipping = A$59

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This is the perfect Original Starter Pack! And our Most Popular.


1 x EEZY™ Fabric Comb

1 x Super EEZY™ Fabric Comb

1 x Free Shipping

The best of both worlds, and our highest recommendation, as you can clean knit balls, dust, lint, and pet hair, off your clothes and furniture.

The EEZY™ Fabric Comb:

* Lightweight, moulded handled with the original machined brass teeth that gently collect pet hair, fuzz balls, dust, and lint from your knits or soft furniture.

* Won't break if accidentally dropped on hard flooring

* Lifetime Guarantee. We stand behind the quality of our combs, because they're built tough.

Designed and made in Australia since 1970, Still made on the original machinery today in Melbourne, Australia.

Hand-assembled by a husband and wife team, with an amazing attention to detail and quality.

Australian designed, made, and family-owned.

Measures: 75mm Wide x 40mm High x 0.75mm Depth

 No batteries, no cords, no worries! 

Buy one for:

1. Laundry

2. Car

3. Bedroom


The SUPER EEZY™ Fabric Comb:

• Width  of comb is twice as big as the little blue fabric comb, but is the same quality of brass teeth as the Eezy Comb

• Use this one for larger knits, and removing pet hair and pilling from your fabric furniture.

• Best for removing pet hair from couches, blankets, car seats.  It removes dog, cat, horse hair quickly and easily.

• It also removes dust and lint. No more sticky rolls!

• Ergonomically designed, Australian hardwood handle that feels comfortable in the hand while combing firmly in one direction.

• Top of comb is specially angled to make the combing easier. 

• Comb firmly in one direction for EACH comb

It makes easy work of the body of the knit, and it's quicker to use the smaller blue comb for areas such as under sleeves, at the shoulder, and near seams.


No two combs are the same as they are all Hand-Assembled in Melbourne, Australia. 

You'll notice each one is slightly different to each other as they're not made by a machine. They are assembled by hand by a man who takes pride in his craft!

Measures 145mm Wide x 180mm High x 35mm at widest part of handle.

• Made Proudly in Melbourne, Australia.  Family owned.

• Lifetime Guarantee on this little beauty as we stand behind the quality and longevity of our product. 

Buy Once, Buy for Life.

No Batteries, No Cords, No Worries.


* The SUPER EEZY™ Comb work their best magic on plush fabric like velvet, or natural fibres like Cotton, Wool, and Linens.

For all other fabrics, especially with a lot of Polyester or Acrylic, or extra textured, loosely woven fabric, test first on an inconspicuous area first to test if it's suitable for your fabric type.